Monday, July 11, 2016


Where did the time go? It's been 2 weeks since I posted a newsletter update. I have been really busy making comics and wrapping up the summer day job. Much has happened in those 2 weeks.
- -- The Comics Never Stop SDCC Edition has been published. We have printed over 3000 of these papers to hand out. Most will be handed out in the Gaslamp District before and after the San Diego Comic Con each day. Some will make it to the normal stops in Arizona this coming weekend. If you cannot find one you can always stop by Small Press M11 and M12 if you are at the San Diego Comic Con and ask for a copy.
- -- Last newsletter I shared a few of the strips that are in the paper. Above are some of the others. The paper looks awesome. I hope you can get yourself a copy.
- -- Today I wrapped up strips for Cousin Harold 10 and sent the book off to the printers. If all goes well I should have copies at SDCC for sale and will be sending Kickstarter packs out the Monday before I leave for the convention. Cover pictured above. This issue features a 28 page story. While I had fun writing a longer piece. I think I enjoy writing the smaller pieces more. I have some plans to try something that mixes the two ideas for a storyline that will be running in issues 12-14. More information on this when I start working on that story.
- -- Making an Ashcan Variant Edition of the Space Mummy resin figure to sell at SDCC these will be limited to 13 and will be priced at $40 each. I will also have the regular edition of the Space Mummy figure available for $30 at the convention.

- -- Comic of the week - So many good ones.- I would have to say it was Tobudasai by Laurent Romero. Part Toriyama/Part Aragones all fun. I really enjoyed this book quite a bit.

Okay I should be back Sunday morning with a little more information about the San Diego Comic Con, until then Take Care!


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Publisher Hat On

Well it is HOT on the west side of town today 120+ HOT. Good thing I'm inside typing up this newsletter post.
- --This week has been about the Comics Never Stop paper. Strips were due last week and as usual we had some no shows. So I found some people to to those peoples spots and strips are rolling in. Also one of the advertisers did not come through (probably because they were tied to one of the strips that did not arrive). So lots of scrabbling is going on this week. Still a little was from being ready to send it off to the printers, but this volume of the paper looks great. (I will be sharing the title panels of a few of the strips throughout this post).
- -- I spent my week working on the Cousin Harold strip for the paper. This strip was based on a mistake image that I create din Illustrator a couple of years ago. I accidentally deleted everythins but Harold's eyes and nose and thought it looked cool. So I filled that image away in the back of my head and waited until I had a chance to use it.
- -- Switching to SDCC mode even though I have a couple weeks of summer school to teach I still have a comic to finish (Cousin Harold 10) and some special color ways of the Space Mummy resin Figure to make (the heart jems arrived yesterday).
- -- Comic of the week, Fantastic Four #99 by Lee and Kirby. I love these FF issues and I'm so glad my family takes me to the comic shop for my birthday and father's day to pick one out.
Okay until next week, take care of yourself and be nice to others - we are all in this together!


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Making the Old, New Again!

I feel like I say "WOW, What a week!" every week. But that is the way my creative life has been lately. Many projects that I have dreamt of for years are finally coming together.

- -- I have always want to make collectable cards. When I had just graduated high school I tried to make football cards of my brother while he played high school ball. At that point, I did not have technology (ie. Photoshop) and was not successful. Fast forward 20+ years and I have done it, a collectable card for my new series Space Monstas.
In addition to the cars I have tried making a wax pack type packaging for them. I think it will do, so now on to make the set of cards.
- -- On the comic front I'm working hard on Cousin Harold 10. The story is turning out great with several turns and twist that I did not expect. I will hopefully get this book done in time for SDCC

- -- And speaking of SDCC, Comics Never Stop will be releasing a special edition paper to hand out in the Gaslamp District during the show. Hope to see you there!
- -- Comic of the Week, Casanova Acedia #5. I just love this series. I cannot say enough good things about the whole Casanova run. If you have the funds buy yourself all the trades and enjoy.

Well that is about it for this week. A couple days late and the day job has started again, so I'm squeezing in comic work when I can.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What A Show!

WOW! The Phoenix Comicon turned out way better than I had expected. From the energy in the air to the good vibes on the vendor floor. I had a great time this year and rathe than going on and on about things I'm gonna let the pictures do most of my talking.(after all a picture is worth a 1000 words).
Love seeing convention booty pictures. 
I love them even more when they have things I created in them.

Bily Foster, Myself and Eric Mengel. 
Bily has been a huge supporter of Eric and myself for years. 
He has gotten our faces in front of many people,
 who might never even know who we are.
My beautiful wife helping at the table while I had some panels.
Tony Stephens and I on the Heroes with Disablilties panel. 
I met Tony a couple of years ago, he is a great man that has 
dreams of making comics that include character with 
disabilities. I cannot wait to read what he comes up with.
I think this is the 5th time Eric Mengel and I have given our 
DIY Comic talk. The room was packed again this year and we talk 
one on one with many of the attendees at our booths throughout 
the weekend. I cannot wait to read the comics that many of these 
people are planning on creating.
Eric Mengel and myself ready to take on the world, or at least the comic world.
That time that Bleeding Cool interviewed me. 

- --I would love to shout out all of the people at the show that I interacted with, but I'm sure I would forget someone and feel very bad about it. So know that every conversation from the smallest "Hey nice seeing you" to the longest "story of my life" conversation meant a lot to me. I learned more at this convention as a person than I had at any convention I have ever attended.
- -- Oh yeah and I still have some Space Monstas - Space Mummy figures left. Hit up my online store if you want one. Each figure comes with a limited edition Space Monstas mini-comic.
- -- Comic of the Week - hmm -- Moon Knight #3. This series is really trying something different, at least that is how I feel. I cannot wait to read the whole storyline again once it is finished.

- -- As for now I'm working hard to complete Cousin Harold 10 in time for the San Diego Comic Con. I will be tabling in the small press area this year. Plus we are prepping a special edition of the Comics Never Stop newspaper for SDCC. More on these things next week. I gotta get to the drawing board (or computer in my case) and start drawing. These comics are not going to draw themselves.

Take Care,