Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Toys Have Taken Over

Well out here on the south side of Peoria it has been almost nothing but toys this week. But before I get to that I wanted to talk for a second about a rough day I had this week.

I was making the cards for my figures and everything that could go wrong went wrong. It was a rough day, but I kept telling/asking myself "You get to make these figures, how bad could life be?" By the end of the day I had the cards made and started carding the figure. The cards did not feel perfect this time but I thought "These are hand made items, they are not going to be perfect every time1" I made it through. The thing I learned from this day is that I have to remember I'm very lucky to get to do the things that I do. Not everyone gets to draw comics and make a figure line based on those comics. My life is pretty AWESOME!
- -- Okay so I surprised many people when I dropped pictures of the finished Savior 7000 (the 1st figure in my Ratchet Robots line). People had heard me talk about these figures, but I do not think anyone know how close I was to having the 1st one completed. The idea of this line is for my to make more politically/socially charged statements about the world around us using my favorite Star Wars figures the droids. I have several ideas for the next figure and will hopefully be dropping another one sooner than later, but first we have to see how this one sells.
Oh and did I mention that this figure is available only through DKE Toys starting at Designer Con? Yep that's right a Designer Con exclusive, limited to only 10. So make sure you stop by the DKE Toys booth first and pick one up before they are all gone.
- -- Also on the toy front, I wrapped up production on my second Space Monstas figure, Vinny Vampire. Super proud of these figures, the head has some major sculpting work by me as well as cloth cape made by hand (also me). I could not be happier with the way they turned out. These will be available at PHX Zine Fest and Tucson Comic Con, limited to 13. So swing by one of those shows and pick up one before they are gone.
- -- And speaking of the PHX Zine Fest it's this coming weekend, October 23rd from 11am-6pm at the Icehouse. Hopefully you can make it out, should be an awesome time. Check out the link to see info on a bunch of the zinesters that will be attending.

- -- So with all this toy talk, you are probably wondering if I still make comics?
Yes I do! I have been hard at work on the Space Monstas comic. I originally planned to have this done by now, but you know how life works and I have learned to just roll with life. I think this book is coming along great and cannot wait to have it completed. At this point we are looking at late this year.
- -- Oh and I'm still working on Cousin Harold. Just wrapped up the stories that will be issue 11 which I will send off to the printer over Thanksgiving weekend. Oh and I completed an 8 page story (25 strips) during 24hour Comics Day. The story has Harold snacking on some real cheese and turning into a real rat for a panel or two, It will go up on on the Cousin Harold site starting in mid-November.

- -- I really should do this thing weekly again. I felt like I did not really have that much to talk about, but now I realize that I waiting to long and there is too much to talk about. Oh I almost forgot --
- -- Comic of the Week. Shipwreck #1 by Warren Ellis & Phil Hester. Man this book has some super weird stuff going on. Feels like a amnesia mystery with a little sci-fi on the side. I was a little shocked because I did not know what to expect and now cannot wait for the 2nd issue.

Okay well that is all for now. I will try to get back to weekly or at least bi-weekly with these post.

Take care,


Sunday, September 18, 2016

When a Plan Comes Together

Much is happening out here on the west side of town, Peoria to be exact. The hot Arizona summer is beginning to cool off. Still have high around 100, but the mornings and nights are nice.

- -- First Plan that is working it's way out, the Space Monstas line of comics, resin figures, trading cards and t-shirts.
It was Thanksgiving last year when I designed the card backs for all the the Space Monstas figures (well I had designed the Spac eMummy one a few months earlier). And today I'm pouring the second figure in that line, Vinny Vampire. Hopefully I can share a picture of a fresh figure by the end of this post.
About 3 months ago I started working out how to make Space Monstas trading cards. I now have wax packs and have designed over half the first series of cards. 9 cards will be in each series and each pack will contain a complete set of cards.

Also I'm about 10 pages away from wrapping up the Space Monstas comic. I hope to have this done in October and launch a Kickstarter to get these books, figures, cards and t-shirts to the world.
- -- The other day I stumble across the Brian Brain strips I did with Thomas Hall (Robert 13 & King!) These were originally done for a zine, but were rejected. I have always been meaning to get back with Thomas and do this strip, but time has not allowed it. I think it is about time I made some time to create this series. My schedule clears up in January (besides Cousin Harold). I'm thinking of working on designing these guys again digitally and getting with Thomas to lauch this strip into the world in a unique way.
- -- As for Cousin Harold, well he is alive and well. The first stages of my plan to get more harold comics into kid's hands seems to be working. I have funding for the project secured. Now to start getting books into the hands of kids. Oh and the Cousin Harold resin figure is back in the works. bought some boxes to use as packages.
- -- Comic of the Week ---- Doom Patrol #1 by Way & Derington. WOW! I have been waiting for this book for a while and it live up to my wait, now I'm waiting for issue 2. Seriously if you have liked some of the strange Doom Patrol stuff from the past, this series is for you.

Okay well that looks like about it for this week. Oh wait. I have a picture of the Vinny Vampire figure fresh out of the mold.
Have a great week, hope you get to do what you love to do. I know I do!


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Making Stuff

Out here on the west side of town, things have picked up. Comics, toys and trading cards are being made. Each project is in it's own place and on track to be finished on time. I think doing multiple projects helps me keep excited for each one. If I was working on one thing, I think I would get bored and need to take a break way too often.
- -- The Space Monstas comic is coming along nicely. This is the splash/title page from the second story of the issue. I plan on having this done in mid october and hopefully available at the Tucson Comic Con. I will also be running a Space Monstas Kickstarter once the comic is done. The Kickstarter will include comics, resin figures, trading cards and t-shirts.  

- -- Speaking of resin figures, work on the Vinny Vampire figure has started. Here is the first attempt a his head sculpt. I sanded it down this morning and moved it to his actual body. I think it looks really good. Will be making a mold in the next couple of weeks. This figure will be limited to 13. Besides the original Space Mummy figure all the other Space Monstas figures will be limited to 13. (Oh and there is the Vinny Vampire trading card.
 - -- Speaking of trading cards, just received my wax pack wrappers from Sidekick Labs this week. Tom did an AWESOME job on these. Now I have to get creating the other 6 cards for this set. I have the layouts done. The trading cards should be done in time for the Tucson Comic Con.
- -- Also hard at work on new Cousin Harold material. I'm drawing about 4 strips a week at this point and have a buffer until the end of October at this point. Cousin Harold 11 is 3 pages from being completed and will be published on time this November/December.
- -- Comic of the Week Copra 27! Seriously if you have not tried this series yet, you are missing out. This was the best issue yet (maybe that is because of his rift on the Doom Patrol that is include). Below are the first 3 pages.

Until next time - Take Care,


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Making Comics

I final got back to my computer this week and created some new comics - it feels Great!

- -- Currently I'm wrapping up Cousin Harold 11. I have a 4 page story left to do, then work begins on Cousin Harold 12. Cousin Harold 12-14 will feature a continuous story plus a bunch of side stories. My goal is to shine a little light on the majority of character from the Cousin Harold series. I want to give each character a specific motivation/goal that they are trying to due. This has been something on my to do list for a while. Hoping I'm able to tackle this challenge throughout these 3 issues.
- -- Work has also begun on the second Cousin Harold TPB, which will collect issues 6-11 plus a few mini-comics published in 2-104-2016. I'm planning to releasing this book during the 1st quarter of 2017.

- -- Drawing some images for the Space Monstas comic today. Very excited to be back working on this series. Also ready to start working on the Vinny Vampire toy next weekend. Hoping to have this all wrapped up in time to release the comic and new toy at the Tucson Comic Con.
- -- So the newspaper is really gone. I really miss it, but the lessons I learned from publishing and distributing it are already showing sign of success. I'm not really sure how it's going to work, but I want to start giving away Cousin Harold comics to kids when they show interest in the series. I'm tired of parent telling the kids to wait and look around at the convention before they purchase anything, because naturally being kids they will forget. In the past I have had success in giving away comics and the families returning to buy other books. Matter of fact I would like to give the books out to every kid that I see. So how do I fund this, hmm I have some ideas but I'm still working things out. However some of my ideas are already showing signs of success even though I have barely implemented them.
- -- Comic of the week - Fantasy Sports Volume 2 by Sam Bosma. I really enjoy this series and the art. I think the writing could use a little work, but it does not interfere with my enjoyment of the books. It might be that I'm just not into the fantasy writing part, but I love the sports action and really feel like I'm in the game during those scenes. Which make up the bulk of the book.

I think that is all for this week, take care of yourself!


Sunday, August 7, 2016


It's been a quiet week out here on the west side of town. I have spent quite a bit of time reading comics and thinking about making comics. I'm not sure why I make comics or what my goal with them is any more, but I know that I have to make comics. Over the last couple of weeks I have felt lost and I finally realized that this is most likely due to me not making comics. With that said, let me give you a peek at what is happening.
- -- With my Flag Ship title Cousin Harold, I'm getting together the 11th issue of his series. This issue should have been a Giant-Size style issue because It collects strips that have been (mostly) published elsewhere. However after talks with my fellow creators I realized that I would be on issue 13 if I just made those special issues numbered issues. So from now on they will be.
- -- Also did a little writing for the next Space Monstas story. Still planning on releasing this book in October/November.

- -- Facebook has reminded me of a couple important facts lately that I would like to share with you.
- -- The first one being this drawing of Harold. This was the first digital drawing of the character (above) and a current drawing that I have used for promotion in several places (below). The growth between these 2 drawings amazes me. As a cartoonist, I find it very interesting to compare where you were to where you are. When I first started to draw comics, I had a piece of paper that had a page of Cerebus #1 copied on one side and a page of Cerebus #201 copied on the other side. I would use this paper to remind me that lots of hard work is how you get to where your heroes have gotten to.
- -- Thee second fact being that I have been doing the Cousin Harold strip 5 days a week for over 3 years now. I'm really proud of this. I have a full time day job and I'm a father/Husband. So to stay on this schedule and still be able to live my day to day life, WOW!
- -- Comic of the Week. Well I'm going to go back a week for my pick and it's not just 1 comic, but 3. The original Galactus Trilogy from Fantastic Four #48-50. I have read this storyline before but I finally got to read it as it was meant to be read in the original publish monthly issues. Very excited to have been able to add these issues to my collect. I'm about halfway there to collecting Fantastic Four #1-102.
Thanx for reading and I will be back next week, hope you are too.