Saturday, October 7, 2017

Making a Comic this Weekend

This weekend I usually participate in 24hour Comic Book Day, but this year I just wasn't feeling it, but I still wanted to make a story from beginning to the end this weekend. So this is it. I will leave it up here from the week and hopefully have it printed up in time for the PHX Zine Fest.

The origin of this story. I bought a stack of old 1950's and 1960's romance comics and wanted to put Harold into a more real world setting. Hope you enjoy it. This story is planned to run early next year on the Cousin Harold site (which is why I'm only leaving it up here for a week).

That's All Folks! Hope you enjoyed it.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ideas to Life

Things are moving along steady here on the south side of Peoria. Outside it is still HOT, even though the local QT tells me the summer is over (they stopped their summer refill special price). I just need it to drop 10 more degrees so I can start production on figures again. It's just too hot during the times when I have time to work.
 - -- With that said I was able to stay up a little later last weekend and woke up early a couple of mornings to start production on something I have had in mind for a while. My day job is as a mild-mannered high school mathematics teacher. I decided that this year I was going to bring more of my outside of school life into my classroom. One of the things I thought that I would do was make a figure to hand out as an award for the student of the month in my classroom. Our school mascot is the worlverine, so I made a Wolverine Graduate trophy to hand out to those students. Handed out my first two this week to Phillip and Jazmyn. They both seemed to be very happy to receive them. Several other students shared a photo of the statues on their social media and told me how cool everyone thought it was. My social media accounts were blowing up with likes and messages about the idea, including a couple of teachers who want to borrow the idea for their classrooms and change the head to match their mascots.
- -- Not sure how much I have shared here, but I have been invited to contribute a page to the Ravage 2099 Redux project that Brad Dwyer, Damon Begay and Wil Hines are putting together. The page is almost done and coming up super nice. The page will eventually be on display in a gallery show about the project and printed in a comic edition of the project, later this year. More info to follow.
- -- Sticker Mule keeps sending me discount offers and I keep printing stickers with them. The latest Spac eMummy sticker. First time I tried the Kiss Cut style, really like this will probably be doing some of this with a couple other images.

- -- Comic production. I finished drawing the interiors of Cousin Harold 14 and I'm already 2 pages into issue 14. Hoping to get back into the Space Monstas universe next week end (now that the Ravage 2099 page is out of the way).

Hope everyone is having a good time and is in good health.

Take care,

- denny!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Always Grinding

Out here on the south side of Peoria, it is still HOT! And I'm always grinding, although there might not be much to talk about each week.
- -- I print my stickers through Sticker Mule and they send out a lot of special offers on what seems to be a weekly basis. I thought that I would start taking advantage of these offers and print up stickers. This was the first one. 
- -- Yesterday I wrote the final page of Cousin Harold 13, which is the 2nd part of the circus storyline. Very excited with how this story is filling out. Last year the story was just an idea and now I'm over halfway through making it. When people ask me how you make comics. I tell them one page a week, which is still the grind I'm on. The one page a week method, lets me work on other projects. Planning on a Kickstarter to help distribute this book in late September, early October. 
- -- The figure above, is something that I recently purchased. The Iron Goth (Night) by Kosrobot. I ordered this figure for a couple of reasons. The first is because it was a little different than the 3.75 figures that I usually purchase and I wanted to see how it was made. The second is a little more serious. As a kid I grew up being told that America was the country where you can do anything you want because of freedom and in other countries things were not the same. As I became an adult I have found out that this was not true, that people in other countries have the freedom to do the same things that I have the freedom to do. In this case, Kosrobot (who lives in Russia) gets to make bootleg figures and sell them to people around the world (the same as I do, living in the United States). I would then assume that his life is very similar to mine and not a horrible prison that I have been led to believe. I'm not sure why this bothers me so much, but I feel like I have been lied to by adults and society regularly throughout my life.

- -- On the super down low, Shawn Demumbrum and I have been recording a podcast where we talk about the comics we have recently purchased/read. This really is just us feeling things out. I feel like the show is a person getting to be a fly on the wall, listening to two guys talk about comics. Both Shawn and I are well read. I purchase comics from around the world (even if I cannot read them). My friends joke that if aliens arrived on the earth the first question I would ask them is "Do you have any comics?" I'm not sure where we are going and what our goals are, but I'm having fun.

Thanx for reading this week.

Take care,



Sunday, August 6, 2017

Another Day, Another Dollar

Out here on the south side of Peoria it is still HOT! Also my summer of being a creator is over because my day job started this past week. And as Murphy's Law states, things are finally starting to happen as I'm now at a loss for time.

- -- Wrapped up a couple of new Space Monstas figures this week.
Zack Zombie is now out there in the world. The character will be featured in the next Space Monstas storyline. He is also one of the original 7 planned figures.
The Invisible Astronaut. I came up with this figure idea after I started making the Space Monstas figures. I had planned on holding off on making him, but then I got several other ideas and I realized by the time I got around to making this figure I would have a couple handfuls of other ideas. So I was a little stuck because I needed to get through the original 7 figures that I had planned. Then I remembered how the Boba Fett figure was introduced into the world, as a FREE figure. So I decided to make the Invisible Astronaut my first free figure. All you have to do is purchase 3 Space Monstas figures at one time and I will include an Invisible Astronaut for FREE (while supplies last).

These figures were released on Instagram and in person yesterday and already 2 people took advantage of the buy 3 get IA FREE deal. The figures will be up in my online store by the end of the day today.
- -- Working hard on Cousin Harold. The Harold at the circus storyline starts up again shortly and I'm very excited about it. Many pieces of this storyline were inspired by the Japanese manga magazine Coro Coro. Check out what is happening with Harold and friends 5 days a week here

Those are the projects that I'm working on personally at the moment. However I have been invited to start working on a podcast (today we record the first episode). I have been invited to contribute to a redraw project (hopefully doing my page next weekend). And there are other things in talk.

Take care,

- denny

Sunday, July 30, 2017

SDCC - Thanx for an Awesome Time

Well I'm back on the south side of Peoria where is is HOT, but just a week ago I was in San Diego for the annual San Diego Comic Con. I had a great time and spent way too much money.
- -- People say SDCC is not about comics any more, but the above box was empty when I started the weekend. Sure the whole convention is not about comics any more, but if you are looking for comics there are tons of them to be found. I bought a nice stack of Kirby's FF and Thor books, a new Charles Burns book, a couple of mini-comics and a bunch of miscellaneous comics. I also picked up a couple of Ashley Wood books which were to big for the box.
- -- One of the best parts of this years SDCC was doing the Space Mummy Figure Drops. This was tough to do in the convention center with so many people and security, so most of the drops happened off site. I also did a couple drops in Arizona before leaving.
I basically provided a couple pictures to hint at the location of the figure via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
The best place to drop the figures turned out to be the garage where I was parking my vehicle. During one of my trips back to drop off some of the comic I had purchased, I ran into a guy on the elevator. He noticed my shirt and then told me that he knew who I was and was on the hunt for the Space Mummy figure.
His name was Daniel and he was one cool dude. It was so Awesome to meet someone on the hunt for one of my figures. This 10-15 minute meeting was my highlight for the convention.
I hooked Daniel up with a couple of Space Monstas comics to go with his new figure. 
- -- Maybe the second highlight of the show was handing out Cousin Harold comics Friday morning at the start of the show. My wife and I handed out 200 books in 10 minutes to a bunch of happy con goers. Great Times!
- -- I'm not a big fan of cosplay, but these guys are my favorites (and also close friends). Always great to see them at shows.

I'm sure I could go on and on about SDCC, it is my favorite show each year. But it is over and I have to wait another year for a new adventure. That also means I have to get back to work.
- -- Which means it's back to making figures and comics. wrapping up Zack Zombie and the Invisible Astronauts this week. I'm sure I will have a few more pictures to share next week. On the comic front. I'm back to working on Cousin Harold and the circus storyline. I'm also doing a page in a special project for a friend (will share more once the page is complete).

That is all for this week.

Take care,

- denny