Sunday, March 12, 2017

Too Many Projects

Out here on the west side of town in south Peoria things are good, except for the allergies. I have had a steady cough for about 3 weeks at this point. It always happens at this time of year. Should clear up in a couple more weeks.

- -- Comics Never Stop is back. After quite a long hiatus, the newspaper is back.  
Big thanx to my beautiful wife for helping me distribute at First Fridays in Phoenix. I have some copies left and plan on distributing those at the Phoenix Comicon. So if you have been a regular reader and did not get one, stop by and see me at the show and ask for the Spring edition. The plan is to have another newspaper to distribute at the convention.

- -- Secret Project! The secret project that I was commissioned to do is out. Released at AZ Eventure Con, a 19 card set of comic creators, featuring some of Arizona's best and brightest.  
I'm sure Jesse James still has some, hit him up if you want to purchase a set.

- -- It is finally happening, the Cousin Harold resin figure. I should have these ready by summer. There is a lot of post casting work that needs to be done on this figure. These will probably be standard colored, with a black & white edition planned for later this year.
 - -- Cousin Harold the webcomic is in full swing. Super excited about the storylines I'm currently working on. In one storyline, Harold has quite being a detective and run off to join the circus. This story is influenced by many of the Coro Coro manga that I have been checking out lately. The other storyline features Fester and Lea taking over the detective business. Below is a picture of the traininn story that Fester and Lea are currently involved in.
- -- Oh and then there The Time Master resin figures. I should begin to paint these guys this week and will hopefully have them for sale mid-April. More pictures to come as the painting process begins.
So that is a lot of stuff going on and I just completed Mini-Comic Day yesterday, look for an update about that event midweek. These are also some other things cooking I'm trying to wrap up the Space Monstas card set, if that is done in time I have another card set idea for the Phoenix Comicon. I'm working on the next Ratchet Robots figure idea, hoping to release this one through DKE at SDCC. So my plate is very full at the moment.

Thanx for your support, it really means a lot to me.

- denny

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Things are Happening

Out west here on the southwest side of Peoria, AZ things have started to heat up already this year. Temperatures in 80's hit for most of last week. We expect the temps to go back down, but this winter has been relatively mild. Good thing too, because I'm busy making figures, comics, cards and other things.

- -- First up; My Space Monstas figure was reviewed by the Sucklord.

Really wish he would have read the comic first. I think he set up the package breaking. I had to open 8 figures to re-card them because of some issues with the cards. To break them open (without peeling them) we really had to swing them about pretty hard. I have changed glues however because I am aware of at least one other package coming open. As for the "f*ck You" attitude that he wanted to see. I might be the only bootleg figure maker that does not come from that school. I treat my work as a serious art form.

I appreciate the positive comments about the trading cards (should have the set done for Phoenix Comicon). I also appreciate him noticing how realized the project is. I have spent a many hours planning out Space Mopnstas and this is proof that those hours were well worth it. Kind of sad to see the Sucklord closing up shop on his part of the bootleg figure business, but I guess that opens more space for me.

- -- I really have been busy doing things but nothing is at a stage where I can show you. I'm about halfway through Cousin Harold 12. I expect to release this book in May maybe April. I have been planning out some figures, but that got put on hold to complete a secret commission project for the AZ Eventure Con.

- -- Speaking of the AZ Eventure Con. I will be there Saturday with the new Cousin Harold comic, the first Space Monstas comic and the new Jenny Spookawski mini-comic. Plus figures, t-shirts and the AZ Eventure Con will be selling a secret project that I created for them. Should be a super fun time. Tickets have to be purchased before arriving at the show, there will be no tickets sold at the door (at least that is what I have been told) and tickets are limited.
 - -- Also available at the show in the goodie (swag) bags the latest edition of the Comics Never Stop newspaper. Yess it is back and better than ever. Don't fall for the imitation, get the original comic newspaper.
I will also be handing them out at the March First Friday event.

Well that is about all for this newsletter. I'm going to try and get back to weekly (or bi-weekly) after the convention. I really have a lot of things planned for this year and would like to use the newsletter to keep my on track.

Thanx for your support,


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Space Monstas Mini Tour - Reflection

First I would like to say Thank You to Jesse James Comics, Ash Avenue Comics, Samurai Comics and Drawn to Comics for letting take up space in their stores and sell my books without asking me for a dime. Arizona has some of the classist comic shops in the world.
I came up with the idea of doing a little mini tour to celebrate the release of my Space Monstas comic last November. I had originally intended to release the comic at the Tucson Comic Con, but things just did not get done in time. The next convention is not until the end of February and I did not want to wait that long. I had also talked with some of the local comic store owners about how people only release their books around conventions and have really been forgetting that the stores have new releases every Wednesday. 

A light bulb popped in my head, why not release the Space Monstas book on a Wednesday at a local store. Now which one? The answer was not which one, but how many would I be able to hit in one day.  Why go to multiple stores, because I have done in-store appearances and they tend to drag on. I felt if I was at a store for only a couple of hours, I would get a change of scenery when I needed it.

So I asked the 4 stores that I shop with the most if they were down with me setting up a small mini tour and stopping at each of their stores for 2 hours. All 4 were done and suggested some type of cross promotion (that is where the idea of the flyer came from.)

Next I needed to figure out what order I was going to visit the stores. For this I used Google to see when different stores had their peak times. I got to tell you, Google seemed to be right on. Each store had a steady flow of customers while I was there. The order was set and placed an hour between each appearance to help with travel time.

Now a little bit about sales. I sold about 4 books at each shop (plus 1 figure and 1 shirt) throughout the day. For each odd number of books that I sold I gave 1 book to the store to sell as a thank you for
the use of their space (if I sold 1 book, I gave 1 book to the store, if I sold 3 books, I gave 2 books to the store). This plan came together because my goal with my comics is not to make a ton of money, but get a ton of readers and I figured the books left at the stores would generate new readers (I will have to see how this works over the next few weeks as I stop at the store.) I moved a total of 27 books during the day (16 sold, 9 given to the stores and 2 sold wholesale). Money wise, I made over 170% of what it cost me to produce the books that I moved (this figure only includes printing costs).

One thing I should have picked up one earlier in the day was that at Jesse James Comics, Jesse had me put some books up by the register. Jesse's shop was the place that I sold the most books all day. This did not hit me until I was looking at numbers after I got home.

Another great thing about the day was the excitement from the people who were purchasing the book.
When I got home there we several Instagram posts about the days events. 
So overall this was a good day and I plan on releasing future books in a similar fashion. Next Up: Cousin Harold #12 in April or May.

- denny

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 - the Good and the Bad

Well 2016 was a year. I think it might have been my most successful year creatively. It was also filled with the biggest heartbreaks and failures creatively.

I created the Space Monstas figures, but have failed more times than I have been successful. I put out some really awesome books, but sold very few of them. I tabled at some big shows this year, but made the less money this year than last year. I put out 4 volumes of the Comics Never Stop newspaper, only to have the whole thing implode on the biggest stage.

It seems with every success there was a failure holding it's hand. The best thing that happened this year though was that I DIDN"T GIVE UP!

And because I didn't give up I brought this awesome book Space Monstas into the world.
Another issue of Cousin Harold (issue 11, but actually the 13 comic).
The Spacer Monstas figures (I mentioned these earlier) are probably the things that I'm second most proud of (after not giving up this year.)

Also I'm hard at work on a new Cousin Harold storyline that will run most of 2017. These are the circus guys that Harold meets up with.
Harold becomes a clown. Seriously having fun making these stories. I hope it is showing.

So for all the good stuff that happened in 2016, there was bad stuff. But hey if making comics and figures was easy, everyone would be doing it.

- denny!

Update - Just made this 2016 is not over yet!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

It Would Have Been Cool

So some time ago I had the idea suggested to me to do a 24hour figure making day. Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm down for this type of challenge. I figured out the first day that I would be available to do this type of challenge, which was today - December 27th, 2016. So I set a side the day to make figures and ever came up with a good idea. I would make the figure as a surprise for one of the other creators in the community.

So I started this morning.
First the clay I needed to make the 2 part mold was frozen solid. This was an easy fix, I used a hair dryer to heat it up and had the clay ready in about 30 minutes. However when I poured the mold I forgot to put marks in the clay so that the 2 side of my 2 part mold would match up. (Should have started over at this point, but I pressed on.) I used the xacto knife to make some marks that I could use to line up the 2 parts later. (This seemed to work most of the time.)
The 1st pull was lopsided due to the molds not matching up 100% (see I should have restarted). However my 2nd pull came out fine, so did my 3rd pull, but that was it. The 4th, 5th and 6th pulls all had some issue. Mostly with the hands. I was having problems getting the thumb on the left figure to fill. 
I tried shaking and tapping, all these tricks that people have shared with me, but I just could not get this stupid thumb to fill. (Pull 5 was also horribly misaligned.)

I planned the time, how long it should take to do everything in order to get it all done. At this point I'm a couple of hours behind and quite frustrated. I promised myself that if things were not working out. I could just walk away (which is something that is new to me). So that is what I'm doing, I'm throwing in the towel. I have too many other things to work on at this point to let this challenge continue to bring me down.
So who was the figure for? Gary Griggs! I love his Pink Chewbacca (which I will start calling Pookie). Gary is not a super close friend, but he is an all around nice dude and was there last year, when I was first learning to make figures from Eric Erspamer. 

It would have been cool!

I haven't given up on making a figure for Gary. I have just thrown in the towel today. Hopefully I will find some time to try and make some of these figures again sometime soon.