Space Monstas

The Space Monstas is a comic x toy crossover. Originally the series was to be called The Infamous Space Mummy, but looking up Space Mummy on the internet shows that it has been used several places, so I decide to go with something different (just to be safe).

Updated September 17th

All the Space Monstas figures that I have made in the last years. Most are still available in my online store. And I'm currently running a Buy 3 Get the Invisible Astronaut for FREE deal to introduce the character to the Space Monstas Universe (while supplies last).

Older info.

The Zack Zombie and Invisible Astronaut Figure are now live in my online shop.

The Invisible Astronaut is also available through a buy 3 Space Monstas figures, get the Invisible Astronaut figure FREE, while supplies last.

The first Space Monstas comic is available in my online store. Order yours today!

Vinny Vampire is done and will be available for purchase at PHX Zine Fest and Tucson Comic Con.

Both the Standard Edition and Ashcan Edition of the Space Mummy resin figure are available in my shop. Order now before they are gone!

Updated May 30th, 2016

The Space Mummy Resin Figure Promo ad

The first 3 pages of the first Space Monstas Comic

Older Stuff ---------------------------------------------------

Update (May 8th, 2016) - So the toys are here. I have successfully made a handful from the casting to the packaging. I plan on releasing the Space Mummy toy on June 2nd for $30. I will be putting about 5 up for sale in my online store that morning at 9am PST. The rest I will have with me at the Phoenix Comicon.

Some of the things I had developed along the way.

Original teaser for the series.

First Space Mummy Card.

Current Space Mummy Card

Vampire Card

Zombie Card

Werewolf Card

Bhoo Card

Robot Card

Thing from the Black Hole Card

Back of the Space Mummy Card 

Toy Promo 01

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