Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Shops in Arizona (Phoenix-Metro Area)

So I drove around this weekend to a few comic shops I have not been to in awhile. My intention was to leave a small handful of my minis in there freebie sections. I end up not choosing to leave books at either store. I felt very depressed when I was inside both stores by seeing books being marked down and packaged for quick sale. This type of environment makes me feel that my money spent su...

That's how that last post was going to start about a month ago.

I was feeling a little depressed about the comics stores in my town and wondering where all the great shops had gone. But instead of continuing and posting the message, I got back to work.

As I write this, I am putting this finishing touches on Get That Chicken #2. I should have it done on April 1st, which was my original goal, and start dropping them off around town the following weekend.

I am enjoying the time I get to spend drawing and look forward to a summer full of fun and success.

I still have not put much thought into mail order and how much I should charge. I want the book to be free, but know to reach an audience for it, I will have to look outside of Arizona.

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