Saturday, March 21, 2009

Issue #8

I finished issue #8 last week and dropped off copies in Las Vegas. This week I have been dropping off copies around Phoenix all week, as I stopped in different shops, and will finish up my rounds on Sunday. The issue should be available at the following shops:

Red Hot Robot - An awesome vinyl toy shop in downtown Phoenix. If you haven't been there you are missing out. (Comics are on the freebie stand by the door. I usually stop by to restock every couple of weeks.)

Drawn to Comics - A cool little comics shop in downtown Glendale. A great place to buy back issue from the last couple of years and there is always something interesting on the walls. (Comics are on the counter by the door. I usually restock on a bi-weekly basis.)

Atomics Comics (Metro) - A great shop for new release comics, trade paperbacks and hardcovers. (Comics are by the cash register. I usually restock here weekly.)

Stalking Moon - A little shop in Glendale. A great place for current books and manga. (Not sure where the books get set, but ask David for a copy. I restock when a new issues comes out.)

The week 12 strip is on my computer and just needs to be double checked. The week 13 strip is on my kitchen table and needs to be inked. Things are going well although I started off this week with a rough stomach ache (the Vegas buffets did me in.)

I signed up on The Webcomic List this week. If you use this site, please add Get That Chicken to your favorites. If you have never heard of this site, please check it out. Also if you have some webcomic strips that I should be reading please let me know.

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