Friday, March 13, 2009

Mistakes And Typos

Wow!!! Mistakes and typos have been popping up everywhere this week. I just realized I miss spelled "beautiful" in a couple of different strips. While assembling issue #8, I found at least two places where I forgot to tone Officer Ted's eyes. Oh well what can you do, mistakes happen.

The new strip will be up Saturday this week, due to a family trip to Vegas. I'm looking forward to dropping of some minis around Vegas. I've made a list of comic shops and hope to get to as many as my family will tolerate. So if you Live in Vegas look around at your local shops for a copy. I will also update Monday or Tuesday with a list of the shops that have copies in them.

Speaking of Monday, it is the day I have set a side to do so Internet promotion. I hope to join a handful of forums to promote my strip and gain some new readers. If you have any suggestions of good places to promote the strip on the net please drop me an email.

That all for now. I have to finish assembling issue #8, it's waiting on the kitchen table as I type this.

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