Sunday, April 19, 2009

Looking Back

I recently listen to a Webcomics Weekly podcast where the guys talked about their first work and how it was them doing the same stories over and over again trying to get it right. This got me to thinking about what I have been doing.

The stories that make up the first 15 weeks of Get That Chicken fit into this category for me. The strips online represent the 3rd time I have worked on some of these strips. The first time I worked on these strips I drew them way to large and had a hard time reducing them to make the mini comics, so I had to re draw them at a smaller size. The smaller size versions looked like crap when they were scanned into the computer. So I had to redo them once more so that I had digital versions that I could use online. So there are some reasons why I did the strips over and over.

The good news is from here on out all the strips should be brand new (besides the reworking of the Decoy Chicken strips and maybe a reworking of a Duck strip or two.)

The next 5-10 strips will be me experimenting with some different ideas within the strip (besides the Decoy Chicken strips.) I had some ideas for different tones for the strip, depending on which characters the strip features.

This weeks strip features the first appearance of Rhunn. This character came from one of my favorite childhood songs The Steak by Ray Stevens and my love for superheroes like the Flash and Quicksilver. I then sprinkle in a little of my beliefs that the way person look does not always represent what a person has inside. Hopefully you enjoy him.

Of well that's about it for this week.

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