Sunday, September 13, 2009

Catching Up

I have been very busy: Keeping up with 2 pages a week of Get That Chicken, Putting together Meanwhile #2, my day job and some projects for 2010.

I thought I would use this weeks post to Catch up on all the nifty info that I have been emailing myself to share with all of you.

1) Speaking of my busy schedule. This past week a schedule of a Japanese comic artist has been making the rounds on the Internet. This is completely crazy. I wonder is they ever get a whole week off to recharge? Maybe some of our American artist should use this as a guide to get their work done on time?

2) The Jack Kirby Documentary. I still have not had a chance to view this, but I hear that it is excellent. I hope to get to it this week.

3) Alan Moore gives advice to young comic creators video. I did watch this one and felt that it speaks volumes for new and up & coming creators like myself. There are also a stack of other Alan Moore videos available, I plan to watch them when time allows.

4) I plan on working color into some of my strips during 2010. I have been trying to fins a good book on Color Theory, but one does not appear to exist. So I am now trying to collect some web information. First I found this tutorial on Color Theory, then I found this Color Scheme Designer program. Between the two I think I'm set to start experimenting with color.

5) A cool Batman Comic by Eduardo Medeiros, that was making the rounds about a month ago - Enjoy!

6) Some cool pens thanks to Ben Templesmith and Nikki Cook. I have only tried the Black Brush Pen so far. It works awesome. I have order a couple of the White Pens to try our during 24hr comic day.

7) Some Cool Web Comics that I have found

K.G.B. by Becky Cloonan and Hwan Cho

Kukuburi by Ramon Perez

Hysteria by Mike Hawthorne

The Abominable Charles Christopher by Karl Kerschl

Monster Commute by Daniel M. Davis

Well that appears to be enough for this week. I cleaned out about half of my email box.

Now off to finish up this weeks strip.

Take Care,


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