Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cleaning Out the Email Box

Cleaning out my email box this week. I find myself emailing myself from my Blackberry with things that I find interesting. My email box has more email from me than all other emails combined (kind of sad.)

1) Indy Comic Week, December 30th. I have been buying comics for almost 25 years and have been buy comics on release date for over 20 of those years. In that time I never remember a week without new books. I seem to remember some skip weeks from time to time, but with multi-distributors something appeared to be released each week. But now that there is only one distributor, the stores are at the mercy of this monopoly. So local and national independent comic creators are banding together to help the stores make this week something special. I will be appearing at some of the local comics shops, check back for more information.

2) Supertron by Sheldon Vella. I'm not sure what it is, but I love this guy's work.

3) Steal This Comic by Carlisle Devonish. Found the current strip with the "colored man" to be quite funny.

4) Angela Montgomery's 24 hour comic. Fun little story!

5) A quick look at how to construct a comic script.

6) Hamish MacDonald - has a great series called DIY Book. The series helps explain how to write and self-publish your own novel. Many of his tips are valuable to self-publishing and creating comics. (Also available on iTunes)

7) Daytripper by Gabriel and Fábio Moon. I am so looking forward to this series. To bad it is only a mini. I would really like to see an ongoing series by the brothers.

Looking through my email, I realize I need to set aside some time each week to read webcomics. I have my weekly trip to the comics shop on Wednesday to purchase my new books, which I read that evening. I think I'm going to set aside a couple of hours each week on Saturday morning to read webcomics. I forget how much good stuff is out there.

Now off to finish this weeks strip.

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