Saturday, December 12, 2009

Checking the Mail

Before I get to some of the interesting things I have found over the last couple of weeks I would like to update how things are progressing on Get That Chicken. Today I did the layouts for the first 30 pages of my first Get That Chicken trade (to be released at the Phoenix Comic Con in May 2010). I also started to put together the next issue of the Get That Chicken mini-comic (should be done next weekend)

1) I follow Jason Thibault on Twitter and he is always posting interesting information regarding the creation of comics. A couple of weeks back he posted a link to a massive amount of comic creator interviews. I can't get enough of this stuff.

2) Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods Trailer - My all time Favorite writer. I usually don't geek out on this stuff, but I can't wait. I enjoyed the Jack Kirby documentary from earlier this year, but that is about it.

3) Jamie Smart's Bear is back. Jamie is doing a new online strip with his character Bear. I think this little guy is great and find these strips incredibly funny. (I need to find more time to read all of the great material online.)

4) Skottie Young is posting a New Blog Post every weekday this month. The Adventures of Bernard The World Destroyer - Good stuff so far.

5) Ben Templesmith is always supplying interesting and useful comic creating advice. He has pointed me to some great tools to use while creating comics and has provided a progression on the process of creating the Popgun Vol.4 Cover.

And that is about the last month of stuff, besides a whole mess of tips on creating comics, which I have been to busy with the act of creating comics to read. I think that's a good thing.

A new strip is due up in the morning.

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Mike Moran said...

Cool! I will see you there.