Saturday, January 16, 2010

Emptying My Mail

Since I purchase my Blackberry back in May, 75% of my email is from myself. It contains links to things that I find on the Internet or through Twitter. This week I would like to share a handful of videos that I have found over the past year. Starting with oldest to newest.

1) Jim Mahfood working on Carl The Cat video - This video I saw last summer. My first video seeing someone else working on their art (besides that Comic Creators series from the 90's.) This video made a big impact on me, although it doesn't seem to have changed much of my work style or ethic at the time. (I might have shared this video last summer, but I don't think so.)

2) Gabriel Ba/Fabio Moon inking Casanova video - I found this video shortly after watching the Mahfood one. This definitely made some difference in the way that I worked. I saw these two guys using tools similar to the ones I was using. This video gave me a little more confidence to just ink and not worry too much (something the Mahfood video should have done with his inking style.)

3) Alma short film video - This video has made it's rounds on Twitter and appears to be making a second run now. Awesome little animated short! My only problem is that my computer has not been able to play it all the way through without skipping. I might just have to let it it run through once and try to replay it.

4) Cameron Stewart ink Batman & Robin video1 video2 - I have become a big fan of Cameron Stewart since following him on Twitter. He has shared many tips and tricks. Recently he post a couple short video of himself inking an issue of Batman and Robin. Wow this guy is awesome. Sorry I missed some of his work. I will be purchasing it all from now on.

5) Hitler/Marvel/DC/Deadpool video - I was first in shock when I read about marvel offering a special variant, if retailers gutted DC's Blackest Night crossover issues (50 copies.) When I saw this video I realized many other people were in shock also, include der Fuhrer himself.

Well that's about it. I still have a ton of things sitting in my inbox waiting to be shared. Hopefully, I will get to them all soon.

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