Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years News

I have some big updates for this week. The first one being that Get That Chicken will be going on hiatus and will hopefully be back (with it's own site) in April. But this is not something to get sad about, for 2 reasons, Reason #1 - in mid February, I will be launching a new strip that is a little closer to my heart (more news to come) and Reason #2 - I still have a couple of Get That Chicken strips to share with you.

Today, I have a special guest strip with Cerebus to share with you. The story behind this strip is this - about 15 years ago (before I started my family) I wanted to do comics. I attended the Spirits of Independence stop in Phoenix, Arizona. At this convention, Dave Sim and Gerhard did a Cerebus drawing for me that was to be used as a pin-up on the back cover of my next mini-comic issue. But before I could use this picture for anything, I lost it. Fast forward to late last year, while going through some of my old art and sketches, in preparation for the new strip, I stumbled upon the drawing. At this point I was kinda sad that I never got the chance to use the draw and then it hit me, use the Cerebus drawing in Get That Chicken. So Thanks goes out to Dave Sim & Gerhard for some great memories and an awesome drawing.

On January 10th and 17th, I will be sharing the two stories I did for the Meanwhile minis with you. Both of these stories have only been available in print form. So unless you live in Arizona (or are one of the lucky Australians who got a copy of issue #2) you probably have not seen this work yet.

Then on January 24th I will be sharing a preview of my new strip and announcing it's launch date.

As I stated earlier, I hope to be back creating Get That Chicken strips in March and will start posting them early April.

Oh and don't forget, the Get That Chicken trade is due to be released at the Phoenix Comicon in late May. 2010 looks to be even more jam packed than 2009, hope you will join me for the ride.

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