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High Noon, see what did I tell you at the beginning of part one, in town at the local saloon, Pete’s Place. A couple of ornery men are stirring up a little trouble for the lunch crowd.

“Say little lady,” a big dirty man, with enough facial hair to make a nice throw rug, slurs at the young female bar maid, “those are some nice pancakes you’s got there. Any chance of you slidin’ on over here and covering yourself with maple syrup and butter?”

“Hee-hee Brother Bo, you can’t be talking to her like that,” another dirty man, with more facial hair than he last one, mumbles, “You know her poppa is a preacher now. You might end up in Hell, for just thinkin’ those type of thoughts.”

“You’s kidin’ me right Brother Bill. He has to be kidin’ me, ain’t that right Brother Bob,” says the man with the throw rug beard looking over at a man who is just as dirty as him, except for his face, which is clean shaven.

The clean-shaven man sits quietly as the barmaid walks past behind the counter. As she passes, he knocks over his fork onto the floor right behind her. The bar maid bends over to pick up the fork and as she does this he lifts himself off his stool ever so slightly and peeks over the counter at the bar maid, as she picks up the fork.

“Hahaha, well if you’d look at that. Brother Bob does have a pulse,” says the man with the most facial hair.

These three men are the Duggan Brothers. Bo, Bill and Bob are the names that their momma gave them. They are a trio of hoodlums and troublemakers, but lack any guts to do anything really serious. They tend to just give those that can’t defend themselves a real hard time.

Bo Duggan is the oldest of the three boys, by a couple of years. He is a dirty unkempt man, who believes showering is for girls and sissies. If you could get near him, this would be verified almost immediately. His clothing is also dirty, with holes littered about. It appears that once a shirt, or pair of pants for the matter, gets too holey he just puts another one over the older one. Looking at Bo, you would swear that he has at least few shirts and a couple pairs of pants on, he’s all puffy. Bo also has a hefty size beard, as was said early if he shaved it all off one could make a sizable throw rug out of the hair, maybe even an afghan blanket. Bo also tends to be the loudest of the three.

Bill Duggan is the middle boy, he also might be the dirtiest of them. While his birth certificate states that his skin is white, he actual complexion in more that of charcoal. He also has the largest beard out of the three boys, hanging to somewhere in the vicinity of his waist. Looking more like an average cowboy than his other two brothers, Bill wears a pair of jeans and a dark blue shirt covered with a black vest. The vest has a couple of badges on it, but they are so dirty that they look more like stains, than badges. He tends to speak in a twisted sort of logic, that only he and his brothers understand.

Bob Duggan is the baby of the group, quite a bit younger than his two brothers. He is also the most well groomed. He looks to have had a shower and shave with in the last couple of weeks. His clothing looks pressed like a banker or town dignitary. Unlike his brothers, Bob is one of very little talk but a whole lot of action. He’s also razzed regularly, by his brothers, for being a killjoy and bringing them down when they’re having their fun.

“Let’s just say, I would rather not have to deal with that girls poppa,” says Bob as he lowers himself back onto his stool. “That was mighty nice Lucey, thank you for picking up my fork after I dropped it. Sorry about that ma’am.”

Oh yeah, the bar maid, that’s Lucey Lymont, the one from Lucky’s dream. She is a young girl with long locks of platinum blonde hair. She is wearing an ankle length blue dress than ends with frills and lace. Lucey is very tall and slender, but as Lucky says, ‘she has curves in all the right places.’ She is also the daughter of Pastor John C. Lymont Esq. the 3rd, the local preacher. Lucey only works at Pete’s Place for the cash, which she is putting away. So that sooner, rather than later, she can strike out on her own and make something of herself in this world. She doesn’t believe that she needs a man in her life and wants to prove it.

“Hey, Brother Bo maybe lil’ Bobby has the right idea’r,” says Bill as he fills his fork with food, “Oh Lucey, pick this up for me, won’t cha?” Bill flings the food onto the floor right in front of Lucey.

“You might be right Billy,” Bo says as he loads his fork with food and the flicks it across the room, “After you get that cleaned up Lucey, there is a little more over there.”

“And over there.”

“And there.”

“Oh and did I mention there.”

The two boys take turns flinging, flicking and flopping food around the saloon, which quickly clears out all the other customers. During all these shenanigans, Brother Bob just shakes his head.

Suddenly there is a loud boom from outside and the three boys lose all color in their faces, even the charcoaled Brother Bill looks almost white again.

“What was that?” asks Brother Bob.

“Oh, that ain’t nothing,” Lucey says waving her hands as if it’s really no big deal, “it’s probably just Lucky, he’s due back into town today.”

“L-L-L-L-LUCK-KK-KKK-KKY?” All three brothers stutter at once.

“Yep, that’s what I said.. L-U-C-K-Y, Lucky,” Lucey likes to toy with the boys once she knows she has the upper hand. “And you know he won’t take kindly to the way you have been talking to his girl.”

I know, I know, earlier I was stated that Lucey says that she didn’t need a man, but she has a soft spot for Lucky. She’s not ever sure why herself, but something about this man makes her feel a little girlier inside.

“Hurry brothers, we have to skedaddle outta here and quickly,” says Brother Bob as he grabs his two brothers by their shirts and pulls them toward the door. The three quickly exit the premises and disappear into town.

Lucey looks out the window of the saloon to see if it really was Lucky, but all she sees is a large smoke plume beyond the rear of town.

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