Sunday, August 21, 2011

Assembling the HAROLD TRILOGY Hardcover

I have been promising to show the process that 
I'm using to make my Harold Trilogy Hardcovers, 
so here it is!

After photocopying the pages I sew them together.

Next I use basic Elmer's glue to glue the 
spin together. I usually let this sit over night 
and give it a second coat when I wake up.

Then I glue the body of the book to end papers. I use 
glue sticks to do this, they still give me some moisture 
wrinkles, but far less than with the liquid glue.

The I use the liquid glue to glue the cardboard to the cover stock. 
In this case the cover stock is brown paper bag paper.

Next I glue the body of the book to the cover.

Let it dry.

And finally use stencils to spray paint on
the cover logo and information.

I found the process I used through a writer friend, 
Hamish MacDonald who does a podcast DIY Book.
Here is his handout for quick and dirty book binding.

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IniquitousFish said...

Those are amazing!

dennmann said...


Hopefully I will have one on hand to show at the next Tiny Army.

They only take a couple of hours to make, but some of the steps take a couple of hours to dry (the glue.) So they take me a couple of days each to make and with work it's hard to find time.