Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jenny Spookawski - The Fans Like You

Last weekend at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con, I release the long delayed Jenny Spookawski Ghost Girl mini #1.

Jenny is a character that I created during 24 hour Comic Book Day about 4 years ago. I had originally attempted to make her the star of her own webcomic. But the series just didn't work for me, so I pulled the plug (see samples here.) 

After a year of developing her in sketchbooks and comic scripts, I thought it was time to release her new adventures, This time in mini-comic form. The new book was met with quite a bit of fan approval.

Wil Hines said "I loved the new J.Spookawski! I like the new storytelling style (narration+inner/outer monologues) .. some of your best art too!" from Twitter

Jimmy Jay of Jay Company Comics said "Some of my personal favorite purchases from @ was MINI comic from  - Jenny Spookawski!" from Twitter

Get your copy today before they are gone! 

Available at my online store!

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