Monday, July 6, 2015

San Diego Comic Con is this weekend

I usually do not table at SDCC, I go as a fan. But for the last few years I have been helping the Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco raise money at their sketch-a-thon. This year is not different so swing by Booth #1930 and buy some cool original art for a $10 donation. If you want art by me, I will be there Thursday 11am-12pm and Sunday 12pm-1pm.

(picture of me drawing at the booth last year)

Also you can follow my Instagram feed to see what type of shennanigans I get up to while at SDCC. And if you see me walking around, don't be afraid to say "Hi!" (unless it's Thursday because I really want to meet David Aja and I might be on my way to wait in line for an autograph, which is rare for me.)


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