Monday, November 2, 2015

ZineQuest Recap

Had an AWESOME TIME at Zinequest this year. Looking forward to a repeat next year. Here are the 3 big take homes for me.

So the first major discovering I made was about Little Free Library. An elderly couple came up and bought a handful of my books to put into their library in their front yard and I asked them how they set up a library in their front yard. They point me to this site. Seems pretty awesome - I really want to set one up! Maybe sponsor one somewhere?

The second big thing that came out of my trip was funding. I now have the funds to start producing toys. Probably will not start producing toys until 2016, but I'm ready to start learning and developing a small toy line for the Infamous Space Mummy.

And finally the third thing that happened (which might be the best thing). My wife had a good time, so I will start planning more out of town events.


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