Sunday, July 20, 2008

San Diego Comic-Con is coming

I wrapped up work on the art for issue #5 this week and started to work on the script for issue #4, which is due out the first weekend of August. My working method is kinda strange; I tend to work from a rough plot and draw the book first. Then, I make notes about the pages and possible dialog as I clean them up in the computer. Next, I will write a rough scripted on the back of a printed copy of the page. Finally, I type the dialog and captions into the computer and arrange the word balloons. I feel this method is working the best for me at this time, when I originally started I wrote a full script, then broken it down to word balloons, then drew the page. So my methods have changed quite a bit, but it has been a very natural and fluid change. I have also started to use a sketch book in the plotting phase, and will see how that works for future strips.

In other news, I will be attending the San Diego Comic-Con next weekend as a fan (on Friday and Sunday.) I will be handing out a special edition issue which collects issues #1-3. I will be leaving copies about everywhere. So be on the look out for one. (The picture below of my kitchen table as I assembled the San Diego Edition)This week I also read Kyle Baker's new book How to Draw Stupid. I found the book to have many good pointers for working cartoonist. Baker talks about, how to make your cartoons funny and gives some good pointers on timing and ways to improve your characters acting within the strip. I found this book to be very valuable at this point in my cartooning career. I'm not sure if it is the best book for someone who is just learning how to draw, which Baker even points out in his introduction to the book. I would say this book focuses mostly on story telling through drawings rather than a script, which is the way that I am working at this current time. If you are interested in the book follow this link to purchase a copy, or ask your local comic book/book store to order you a copy.

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