Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gearing Up for the Online Strip (Jan 2009)

This week, I spent most of my time getting back to work at my day job, but during the evenings I spent some time with my sketchbook and prepping the online strip for next year (Jan 2009). I packed my scanner away for a couple of weeks, so I only have photos of the work I have been doing. Below are some pictures from my sketchbook.

The second sketchbook page has some images where I am trying to adapt Bode's Cheech Wizard to my Officer Ted. The sketches basically came off to much like a direct rip off, so I did not use this walking style for Officer Ted. Instead I tried to use the spirit of what Bode did.

I also finished the penciling for the first week of strips. I am trying to do more complete pencils and work out the errors on the page rather than on separate pages and then transferring them to the board. I felt the redrawing the images multiple times was making my work very still and stuffy. Here are a couple of photos of the work so far.

Note that the online strip (Jan 2009) is just a reworking of what has come in the mini, although as I have been reworking the strip several changes have popped into my mind, as well as suggestions from my daughter. So look for the online strip (Jan 2009) to be similar to the minis but with a whole handful of extras.
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