Sunday, September 21, 2008

Achieving Goals

Wow! Looking back at the last few post got me thinking about my goals for this year. The first weekend of October I will release the 5th issues of my Get That Chicken mini. Thinking about this made me realize I have achieved every goal that I have made for myself this year. I set a goal to put out a mini every two months, and I have done it all year. This got me thinking about the few post regarding whether or not I would be able to complete 2 pages a week for my weekly strip. After thinking about what I have achieved this year, I am know positive I will be able to complete 2pages a week. I am now looking forward to the challenges that this goal will place infront of my.

Yesterday was the day I set aside to write issue #5. I spent most of the morning doing some computer work from my personal life that I have been putting off. Then I went to write and didn't know what to write. So I did what any comic creator would do, I played some video games. After my family went to sleep at about 10:30pm, I sat down and began to write, and what wouldn't flow out earlier in the day just oozed out of my pen onto the page. Looking forward to adding the dialog to the pages this week and prepping the book for printing.

Last week I post that my books available for mail order. It has been quite a few years since I have tried to sell anything and forgot there is now an alternative to sending cash through the mail, PayPal.

So once again, all for issues are available for only $2.00.
You may pay either through PayPal please make the payment of $2.00 to:
Send $2.00, in well hidden cash, to: Skit Productions
P.O. Box 41445
Phoenix, Arizona 85080

Looking forward to having some previews of the book available for next week.

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