Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Technology Hates ME!!!!! (*whine*)

I'm going to *WHINE* during this post, so if you do not want to read it, skip it!

Let me count the ways that technology hates me:

1 - On Monday, I tried to print the master copies of my book out of the computer, but Photoshop would not print them out at legal size, only letter. I changed all the setting the same as I have in the past and even reset the computer several times. I finally used Pain to print out the masters.

2 - On Tuesday, at my day job, the projector I used to teach with stopped working and appears to be broken. Great time for that to happen, luckily the Library was able to loan me a projector to finish the semester with.

3 - On Tuesday night, the copying machine that I use to print my books on would not work properly, so I have to copy each page piece by piece in order to get the copies done.

4 - On Wednesday, the copies I did piece by piece on Tuesday night came out wrong on one of the pages. So now I have to reprint that page.

Oh well, at least I am still alive and have a great family and the ability to draw.

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