Saturday, February 14, 2009

Working Hard Again

After last weeks computer break down, I am back up and working hard on the weekly strip. I wrapped up week 7 this morning and pencilled week 8 and half of week 9 today. I have Monday off from my day job and hope to finish inking week 8 & 9.

I just realized that when I finish week 9, I will have completed my first goal. During the first 9 weeks of every semester I take on an extra class at my day job and have to do my prepping outside of the work day. Once I am on the 10th week, those hours outside of the work day that I was spending on my day job, I will be able to dedicate to my comic strip. This all means I should be weekly until the end of the summer without a problem (as long as the computer does not act up.)

Some changes in the blog - I decided to start grouping the weeklies into groups of 5. This will hopefully keep the archive list shorter for the comic strips. I'm sure there is another way of doing this, but at this point I am unsure of how to do it anyway. So I re-posted the first 5 weeks with some minor changes. If anyone knows how to archive these post in an easier way, please let me

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