Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Great Week

I feel like I am making some great connections (and re-connections) out in the world of comics. This week I had a couple extra days off the day job. I had to get a new license at the DMV, hand in some paper work that had been in my car since the end of January, and fix a chair from the kitchen table. Well the first two are complete and the last one should be done tomorrow after a nice morning hike and posting the new strip online.

During the completion of these tasks this week I ran into some old friends around town. Mike Malve the own of Atomic Comics and Eric Mengel creator of Blind Mice. I ran into Eric in the parking lot of Red Hot Robot, where he was set up at an underground publishers gathering. He offered me a spot at his table. So I sat down with about 30 books and began to hand them out, while Eric and I chatted. I had a great time and wish I would have know about this gathering before hand. Thanx Eric, I hope to see you again soon.

I spent the morning Thursday working on a script for a comic project I hope to have completed with my extra time this summer. Spent most of Friday working on the weekly strip and a good portion of my time on Saturday to wrap it up.

I can only hope my adventures of this week will continue (my fingers are crossed.)

take care,


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