Sunday, May 24, 2009

One Busy Week

Wow some weeks time just flies by. It feels like I have barely had time to breath since last Saturday. I had birthday parties and graduations to attend. I also had the final week of my day job (teaching) and all the fun that comes with that. If you ask anyone I tend to become a real angry bear this week. Thanks to all of you out there that put up with me. Now onto business...

Wow so much is happening, although some of the things are finalized other pieces are not.

So what I can talk about is that my friend, Eric Mengel, and I have decided to start a group of like minded mini comics creators. Our goal is to get our work and work of others out to more eyes than are looking at that work right now now. For more information Check out the Meanwhile Collective blog. I am working on a very special Chicken story for our first issue, which should be out the beginning of July.

Next I am working on collecting Get That Chicken #1-7 into some kinda small collection to sell. I have always thought I would collect each years work into some for on an annual to sell. I thought I would use print on demand to print those books, however the scans of issues #1-3 just need way to much cleaning to even make them usable. So I have decide to collect those issues as a thick mini comic. Hopefully this book will be done by the end of June.

Get That Chicken #10 should be out the beginning of July.

Finally the weekly strip. Since I have the summer off, I am hoping to be able to spend a little extra time on the weekly strip and improve some of the areas that I am seeing faults in. A second goal is to create a 5-10 week buffer so that when my day job starts back up in August and I wont fall to far behind when I lose some of my work time.

That seems like enough chatting for this week. I'm off to finish up the weekly strip.

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