Saturday, July 18, 2009

SDCC - I'll Be There Soon

Less than a week and I will be enjoying the San Diego Comic-Con.

I will only be there as a fan, but I will have plenty of copies of Meanwhile #1, which I will be leaving around the convention center. I will be at the convention Friday and Sunday. I will also be spending Saturday visiting some of the local comic shops and clothing shopping with my wife & kids (dropping off copies of Meanwhile #1 everywhere.)

To keep up with my activity in San Diego - sign up to receive my Twitter feed. I will be updating as often as possible.

As for this week and the time leading up to the convention, I am busy! I finished pencilling my 6 pages for Meanwhile #2. I also did what I like to call "rough inks" on those pages. I completed a Get That Chicken strip and still have 1 strip to complete before I leave.

I will be posting the next week's strip a day late, due to the convention. So look for a new strip om Monday instead of Sunday.

Now off to put the finishing touches on this weeks strip, which will be posted in the morning.

take care,

That's about all for this week.

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