Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thank You!

A Big THANX! goes out to the people who came out to see the Meanwhile Collective at Samurai Comics yesterday. Those of you that picked up books I hope you enjoyed them. On the way home, copies of Meanwhile #1 were dropped off at Red Hot Robot and Drawn to Comics. Stop by one of these fine shops and check out what they have to offer, also don't forget to pick up a copy of Meanwhile #1, when you are there. Meanwhile #1 contains a brand new Get That Chicken story, which can only be found in that book.

In other news, I started writing my story for Meanwhile #2. For more of what's going on with the Meanwhile Collective, check out their blog.

In other news. I have been a busy boy, drawing for about 6-8 hours each day. I'm about 2 weeks ahead on the weekly strip and managed to squeeze in the 6 page story for Meanwhile #1. The first month of summer has been good to me. I hope I can keep up with the work, once my real job starts back up again in August. However, I still have the whole Month of July to work.

Facebook vs. Twitter? I appear to be more into Twitter at this point. I like that it can be linked to my blog. If you want to keep updated with what I'm doing comics wise please sign up to receive my Twitter feeds. I have the last 5 tweets linked toward the bottom on the left. I tend to use Facebook as more of an overall daily update, hit me up as a friend if you are so inclined.

That's about all for this week. Time to give the week 27 strip, a once over and post it.

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