Sunday, August 30, 2009

One More Busy Week Down

Another busy week. Not like I'm complaining. I finished my Meanwhile story, did layout and design on Meanwhile #2 (sent it off to the printer and picked it up), worked on my weekly strip. and have been finding time to exercise.

Eric Mengel always asks to borrow my time machine. This statement got me thinking about how I get so much work done. I then immediately thought back to college. My college years were in my late 20's and I had two kids and a wife. So I really had to be good a time management to fit the family in and my own personal interests. I guess I just have a natural ability to make the most out of what I have.

Next Friday September 4th, myself and the Meanwhile Crew will once again at First Friday's to hand out the new issue of Meanwhile. If you live in the Phoenix Metro area, stop by and say "Hi!"

take care,


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