Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tucson Comic Con & Updates

Just back from the Tucson Comic Con. I had a great time gave out a ton of copies of Meanwhile #1 and #2. Met a lot of new people. Hope those who attended had as great of a time, I know I did. I'm looking forward to next year. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table, picked up a book, admired the original art, or just chatted for a while. Drop me a note and let me know what you thought about the show.

Next up for me are a couple of appearances for Indy Comics week at Spazdog and Drawn to Comics. I will let you know dates and times as we get closer. A couple of weeks ago I posted some information about this event but listed the wrong date. So here is a re post of that info.

Indy Comic Week, December 30th. I have been buying comics for almost 25 years and have been buy comics on release date for over 20 of those years. In that time I never remember a week without new books. I seem to remember some skip weeks from time to time, but with multi-distributors something appeared to be released each week. But now that there is only one distributor, the stores are at the mercy of this monopoly. So local and national independent comic creators are banding together to help the stores make this week something special. I will be appearing at some of the local comics shops, check back for more information.

That's about all for this week. I need to catch up on some drawing, the Meanwhile submissions are due next weekend and I have not even started. Plus I have to finish the lettering on this weeks GET THAT CHICKEN and post it.

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