Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Process

I usually start with a rough sketch. Once I get the drawing that I want. I rough over it very quickly with a sharpie. Since I don't have a light box, I use the sharpie to trace the drawing onto another piece of paper.
Once the drawing has been lightly traced, I start to ink. I tend to ink the items that require a straight edge first, like the guns, hat, clothing. This is done with a Micron 08 Pen. I then use a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen to ink the organic parts. I might come back in and do touch ups with a Micron towards the end. I also use white water color paint with a brush and a Uni-ball Signo White Pen to make corrections.

I then scan in the image and mix it with other images to make my panel. I clean the art and then color it. I'm still kinda new at the coloring and am trying to learn new things each week. I've been watching Sheldon Vella's Supertron Livestream to pick up tips. Any suggestion on other's to watch would be appreciated.

I hope to post on here a little more regularly. I have a ton of interesting email finds to share. So look for updates every couple of days, starting today.


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