Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sorry! - MagCloud Follow up!

I received my mangled magazines from MagCloud today. Wow! They (MagCloud don't package well and FedEx sucks at taking care of and delivering packages. My magazines are a mess and I'm pissed off!

So I flipped through my magazines.

Ikon #5 - Who thought that a graffiti magazine with some blurry and blown up pictures was a graffiti magazine. Ikon #5 looks like a couple of high school kids put it together, pure garbage.

Bran and Panties - This magazine was a little better (still mangled, thanx again FedEx). Some of the comics strips were funny. Some nice drawing of bras and panties and good shots of girls in actual bras and panties. I enjoyed this book.

Overall, I would NEVER order from MagCloud again. The packaging of the magazines were very poor. I would also NOT use MagCloud to print my work, due to the quality and packaging of the magazines.

Sorry for even mentioning this company!

We live and learn!



Unknown said...

Hi Denny,

Mike from MagCloud here. We're sorry to hear you didn't have a good first experience.

We don't control the content (that's the beauty of democratized publishing!) but we certainly want your order to arrive in good shape.

And normally we get rave reviews about the quality of our printing at 20 cents per full color page.

I'm going to send you an email to see what we can do to make it right and win you back!

dennmann said...

That would be great Mike.

I had originally heard about you through a post by Warren Ellis. I figure if items can make it to Europe okay, they should be able to make it to me with minor dings.

I know it's not your fault, but I always have trouble with companies that will only deliver to my house. I have a P.O. Box due to this issue. Perhaps you need to look at the possiblities of the US Mail or even UPS. I have had nothing but trouble with FedEx.

thanx again!