Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Process

I always enjoy when artist give you a behind the scenes look at how the create. I feel energized once I realized even the pros have to work up to their final drawings. Below are 3 of the stages I use to create my comic.

First - there is the rough, which is usually scribbled really quick with a pencil or pen and then inked with a sharpie. I don't own a light box so the sharpie helps me transfer the image.

Second - there is the pencils. This drawing is usually pencilled and then inked with a sharpie. Some days I wish I had a light box.

Third - there are the inks. I tend to call them rough inks, because I will do final inks after I scan the image into the computer. Rough inks are done with a brush/brushpen and microns.

The other stages not shown are Fourth - scanning, Fifth - Coloring and Sixth - Lettering.

Hope you enjoyed!

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Mike Moran said...

Nice! That is one of my favorite topics with artists. It is generally the same but with small variations.

dennmann said...

I have really enjoyed the ones Ben Templesmith has posted over at his blog. I'm not saying mine are even close to his, but it's always nice to see the different ways people create there comics.