Sunday, August 19, 2012

DIY COMIC - Paper Choices

There is a ton of paper out there to choose from!

This is a quick little guide of the paper choices I have 
made and why. I will also include some of my experimental 
choices, including thoughts on some future choices.

When making mini-comic you have 2 different 
paper choices to make -
Cover Paper Stock and Interior Paper Stock. 
as well as 2 common sizes to choose from 
8 1/2 x 11 (letter) and 8 1/2 x 14 (legal).

I tend to use legal paper more often because it makes 
the books a little wider and I think that makes them look
closer to the size of actual comics. (The books also
fit nicely in a comic bag/board at this size.)

COVER STOCK - For the cover I try to use a card stock paper. 
Currently I've been using a 67lb Bristol for my self made 
mini-comics. This paper comes in quite a few color choices, 
so that I do not have to repeat colors very often. However
because I print my book on legal size paper my choices 
are a little more limited.

When I print my color covers, I send my work off
to be printed elsewhere, and I have it printed on 
 a 100lb Bright White Opaque paper.

I believe the choice of a heavier card stock paper makes 
your book feel sturdier in the hand of your fans, 
which adds a little more value to your product.

INTERIOR STOCK - For the interior of the book I use normal 
copy paper, which is a 20lb paper (24/67lb in this case.)

There are also many color choices for the interior paper, 
so DO NOT USE WHITE PAPER! I tend to use a Cream Color
or a color that matches the cover for my interiors,

When I send my work off to be printed in color, I still 
choose a 20lb paper. I know sometimes the printer will 
suggest a thicker paper for color, but I have not had an
 issue with the 20lb paper yet.


Why should you not use White Paper? Because it looks
like common copy paper, so with just that change that to 
a different color (I prefer Cream) you will increase 
the value of your book.

EXPERIMENTAL PAPER - I have tried many different papers
 and will continue to experiment on future products. 

One of my favorite experiments was using a brown paper 
that I purchased at a local packing/mail store. I was trying
 to find the paper that grocery bags are made out of and 
this was the closes that I could find. I used this paper for 
a cover, my goal was to make a brown bag type edition. 
The main issue with the paper was that it was very thin and 
could not be ran through a copy machine, so I had to use my 
ink jet printer (which still ate every 3rd-4th piece.)

In the future I have plans to use a Black Paper for a cover,
but you cannot print on it, so I thought I would use spray
paint/stencils to make the cover (or perhaps screen 
printing? or maybe even some rubber stamps?) 
I'm thinking this might be perfect for a 
Jenny Spookawski mini-comic.

I would also like to use Rag Paper, which is the paper 
that money is printed on. I thought that this might give the
 book an interesting feel. Still not sure what project
to use this on?

Currently I'm printing my color pages through Moxi Copy
and I purchase my paper locally at Paper Plus.

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