Monday, July 20, 2015

Feel Super Creative Today

So earlier this year I posted the image below 
and stated that THE INFAMOUS SPACE MUMMY series would start Summer 2015. Well my summer is almost over and the series has not started -- or has it?

While not finalized art has been produced this series has grown quite a bitfrom the simple little series I originally intended to do. 2 stories are written at this point anda sketchbook is getting filled up with drawings. Then something hit me. 

I have always wanted to make my own bootleg toys for my comic series. And THE INFAMOUSE SPACE MUMMY would be perfect for this. However I do not have the ability at this point to make the toys, but I have been studying watching YouTube videos and getting ideas.

Then the bug hit me. I should make a toy card for 
Not bad for a quick rough. So while you will not be seeingthis series this year, you will eventually and it will be well worth the wait.


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dennmann said...

Did a little work on this project today - 1st 3 panels are complete!