Monday, May 23, 2016

Crunch Time

It's CRUNCH TIME out here in the west valley. Usually I have everything ready for the Phoenix Comicon at the beginning of May. Well this year life has gotten in the way, so I have a lot to do between now and June 2nd.

- -- The most important thing is to finish the Space Monstas story. I have 6 pages done, but still need to complete 6 pages. I think I got this, I mean I have done 8 and 16 page stories in less than 24 hours multiple times. I'm just trying for a little higher level than I have done in the past. So while I work on those pages, you can check out the first 3 pages here.
Not sure if I will have a version of this book for sale or if it will only be available with the purchase of a Space Mummy toy of the Space Monstas T-shirt. I want to do a silk screen cover for the sale version, but who knows if I will have time.

- -- I have to finish 2 Cousin Harold pages this week. This is so that I can take next week off for the convention. I think I got this easily, but with the 6 pages of Space Monstas it might be a little more challenging.
- -- I have 20 toys to paint. The plan is to complete one painting process each day. I should be able to get this done, however those 6 Space Monstas pages might get in the way.

- -- I have already copies the DIY COMIC panel handouts. Hopefully Eric Mengel will get them assembled so I can trim them next week. (The DIY COMIC presentation is Friday June 3rd from 3-4pm in North 121C at the Phoenix Comicon.)

- -- Really I'm in pretty good shape. Except for those 6 Space Monstas pages. I can do this.
- -- Comic of the Week, Fantastic Four #98 by Lee & Kirby. I love those old book. My family lets me pick out one for my birthday and father's day each year. Hopefully my kids will get good jobs and left me purchase more expensive ones when they grow up. I hope to one day own the whole Lee & Kirby run in comic form.
- -- I will be at Artist Ally #1424 for this years Phoenix Comicon.

Okay that is about it, I got to get those Space Monstas pages done. (Can you tell there really is only one thing that I'm worried about?)

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