Sunday, May 8, 2016


WOW! Things move quick out here on the west side in sunny Peoria.

- --I Did It!!! It's Finished - at this point I have some Space Mummy toys. I was possessed last weekend and had to turn my figures in to the complete project, carded an all. It feels so good to have these toys in my hands (after 4 months of failing it felt great to finally have been successful). Each toys is hand made and painted. I also make the cards by hand. I'm a very DIY creator.
- --I have shown everyone and anyone these toys and the feedback is excellent. I cannot wait to start selling them on June 2nd. The plan is to have about 5 available at my online store and the rest will be available at the Phoenix Comicon. Whatever doe snot sell at the show will be put up online after the show. If I should sell out give me a week or two and I should have more in stock (remember he is unlimited)
- --That success however, came with a small price. I did something wrong and my mold will no longer make toys, I broke it. So this morning I'm attempting to make a new mold. My goal with the Space Mummy figure has been to keep him in production for as long as I do the comic. He is the main character and I would hate to tell a new fan, "Good Luck finding one of those, I only made 20!" So going against what most people seem to be doing with toy making, Space Mummy will be an unlimited toy that I will keep in production. This will not be true for the other characters, they will be limited to around 20 or 1 mold, which ever is more. The plan is to sell the Space Mummy figures for $30 and the others for $40-50. Also planning some short run versions of the Space Mummy that will be in the $40-50 range.
With all this toy talk you might have forg0tten that I make comics.

- --Cousin Harold is coming along nicely, I'm about half way through issue 10, which should be done for the San Diego comic con.
- --Space Monstas is moving slower than I expected (probably due to the time I set a side to create it has been use to create the toy). I still expect to have an Ashcan/Preview edition ready for the Phoenix Comic Con.

Also this week.
- --Friday was First Friday and I delivered over 400 copies of the latest Comics Never Stop to the masses. Great reception as always. Big things are in the works for Comics Never Stop, very excited about the future of this project.
- --Saturday was Free Comic Book Day. I would like to thank Jesse James Comics and Samurai Comics for having Eric Mengel and myself out. I gave away over 100 copies of the Cousin Harold FCBD Edition to people and had some great conversations about life and comics. This was my 6th FCBD Edition of Cousin Harold and an awesome story. For those of you who did not get a copy I will be reprinting the story as part of Cousin Harold 11.
- --Comic of the Week - - - Renato Jones ONE% by Kaare Andrew. This book is BIG. I think when other creators see this book they are going to want to start creating their own independent work and that makes me happy. I like reading Marvel and DC books, but I love reading Image titles (and other creator owned works).

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