Sunday, June 29, 2008

Still Technology Issues

I'm still having some problems with my laptop that I do the art on. However I have been able to get more work done this week. I'm looking at finishing up 3 pages today. Then this week I will focus on finishing the Reverse Chicken/Doppelganger story hopefully by next weekend. So issue 4 will be finished for the most part. From there I will start on a 3 part story featuring the ducks.

I will have to go back to print this week will issue #1. I am totally out of the original 100 books I printed. I only have about 20 copies of #2 left. These number make me fairly excited.

Looking forward to attending the San Diego Comic-Con, as a fan, but this will not stop me from handing out my book to other creators that I admire and leaving copies lying around for other fans to pick up. I'm thinking about printing up a Get That Chicken shirt to wear on Sunday so that people will be able to ask me for copies.

That's all until next week.

Take Care,


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