Sunday, June 22, 2008

Technology Issues!!!

One of my first thoughts when changing over to complete my comic with the use of technology was, " What if the program/computer will not work?" well I have had a week of the computer on the fritz. I definitely need to have my laptop looked at. I has problems turning on. One day I literally spent over an hour trying to get it to turn on properly. I do not believe it is a software problem, but a interior hardware problem. I had been taking the laptop to work for a couple of days and it must have gotten "bonked" against something. So as soon as I have a chance I need to take it in and have it looked at, but that means that I will not be able to complete work on it. Oh well, enough complaining.

The Reverse/Doppelganger Chicken story is coming along nicely. I have includes a practice rough of one of the pages as I experimented with inverting the chickens colors. I'm fairly excited about this story idea.
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