Sunday, September 7, 2008

That's Just the Way It Is!

I have come to the realization that I do not work very quick, unless I have a deadline crunch.
Being a self-publisher, with a full time job, I tend to fit my art in when I can. So while I have a goal of 2 pages a week, sometime I just might not make that goal and it's okay.

Last week I promised to give a little insight into the way I am working. Unfortunately I forgot to scan my sketchbook page, where this drawing began. basically my work starts in my sketchbook. I try to get a main image for a page or a series of images that will provide the information that I want to get across. There is no script at this point, only a rough idea of a story. After I get enough image ideas to fill 2 pages, which is one week of the strip, I begin to pencil and ink the image. After the pencils and inks are done, I scan the image into the computer.Once the image is scanned, I can now play with it. In the case of this image I wanted to reduce the size of Officer Ted and get him more to the center of the page. I also felt that the image should have him yelling up and down, rather than just downward like in the original image. To accomplish this I rotated the scan. I then print out the image and fix up any gaps in the artwork with pen and ink, then I rescan the image.
at this point the image needs tones and clean up. I like to add the tones first and then do the clean up. I like the art to feel a little rough and not super crisp, not every line has to be perfect.

Once the scans are added. I print out the image again and write the dialog, usually on the back of the paper. The dialog is added using Photoshop. At this point I have not added the dialog, because I am debating on creating my own font for the character dialog. I use a variety of free fonts at this time. I would like to create my own font, except I cannot stand my hand writing, so I might just stay with the free fonts for everything.

Hopefully this gives you some idea of what I do and how. I know I am always curious of how other creators work.

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