Sunday, December 7, 2008

Issue #6 is in the Shops

I dropped off issue #6 around town on Saturday at the following shops:

Red Hot Robot - An awesome vinyl toy shop in downtown Phoenix. If you haven't been there you are missing out. (Comics is on the freebie stand by the door. I usually stop by to restock every couple of weeks.)

Drawn to Comics - A cool little comics shop in downtown Glendale. A great place to buy back issue from the last couple of years and there is always something interesting on the walls. (Comics are on the counter by the door. I usually restock about once a month.)

Atomics Comics (Metro) - A great shop for new release comics, trade paperbacks and hardcovers. (Comics by the cash register. I usually restock here weekly.)

Stalking Moon - A little shop in Glendale. A great place for current books and manga. (Not sure where the books get set, but ask David for a copy. I restock when a new issues comes out.)

If you do not see the book at any of these stores please ask them for a copy and then they will let me know that they need more next time I stop by.

Also if you know of a store (or own a store) which would like to have some copies to hand out (even if that store is not in Arizona let me know and I will get them some books.

Eventually I will get over to Atomic Comics (Paradise Valley), maybe next weekend.

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