Sunday, December 21, 2008

Updating Links

I have updated my links. I am trying to link to all the links I normally visit. These are the places that I enjoy visiting regularly. As I come across new places to visit or links that I feel might be valuable, I will add them.

On the comic front. I am working on issue #7 right now. It should be finished by next weekend. I am trying to use the computer as much as possible on this issue to gain a better understanding of what I can do with the computer at this point, before starting the weekly strip (just 2 weeks away!) So far the work is coming out nicely and I am enjoy some of the freedoms that the computer has allowed me.
This week I purchase and read the Bat-Manga book this week (pictured above.) This book was truly a treat. I found the book to be a very fun and freeing read, no ties to continuity. You could just read the book with out knowing 50 years of Batman history or much about the supporting charaters. This book would make a great gift for any Batman comic fan. Check with your local retailer or online to pick up a copy for a friend or even yourself.

until next week...take care,


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