Saturday, January 17, 2009

Anniversary (One Year & Counting)

Wow! What a year I have had. If this post is kind of jumpy, I apologize now. I am a little tired and my brain is moving a hundred miles a minute.

Today I started my day by working on the strips for weeks 4 and 6 and wrapped it up working on issue #7. Issue #7 will be out the first weekend in February, I am actually wrapping up work on the issue this Monday. The weekly strips should be out on time for the foreseeable future. If I make it passed week 10, then I should on time for the year. This is due to my day job's work load being a little hectic the first 9 weeks of each semester.

Today I was having some problems finding the fonts I used for the Officer Name logos after my computer crash at the beginning of the year. So I thought I would just scan in the logos and the cut an paste them over to the next issue teaser in issue #7. I scanned in the page but as noted when I first got the scanner, the original art when scanned in looked rather poor. I originally thought it was due to the scanner, today I realized that I was just reacting to the development in my art. Below is a panel from one of the early issues and a panel from the chickens first appearance in the weekly strip.

That is some change when you look at them side by side. I glad to see that I am progressing as an artist. Hopefully next year when I look back at a panel from early 2009, I continue to see development.

My brain is still jumpy and I am tired of typing for tonight. Look for week 3 in the morning and much more from me in the year to come.

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