Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good Week - (Except Thursday)

I got a whole lot done this week.

First, I finished up the production (read photocopying) of my first collection of Get That Chicken : Fundamentally Empty, which clocks in at 60 pages of stories and art. This book is mini-comic size and contains the first 7 issues of the Get That Chicken mini-comic. Most of this work was created before I was able to use technology to enhance it, so it is a little rough. With that said, this stories are the foundation of what has become the Get That Chicken online strip. Because of the roughness of the work I think of this as the Limited Brown Bag Edition of 22. However, I will NOT be making any other editions of this book. So once the 22 copies are gone this work will not be reprinted again. The Get That Chicken : Fundamentally Empty book is available for $10.00, shipping is includes in this price. Hurry and own this piece of history, before all the copies are gone.

Next, I dug out some copies of my first publish work, Tales of the Mans #1. This is a 32 page, newsprint, black & white, comic sized book, which I published back in 1996 and sells for $3.00, shipping is include in this price. This is the first comic I ever publish. This comic won a Co-Opy Award for Best Slick Cover Comic in the year it was publish. This comic was created when I first was learning to create comics and contains the seeds of what would become my funky and quirky style.

Both books are available for purchase through Paypal to the left.

Then, this week I also started working on the art for the story, which will be appearing in Meanwhile #1. It's a 6 page story about mistaken identity. I am very excited about this project. Meanwhile #1 will be available on July 4th, at Samurai Comics and then at my normal drop off points the weekend after that.

Finally, as for the Get That Chicken online strip I am one week ahead. For those of you that have been following me on Twitter or on the Twitter bar located to the left. My goal is to try and give you an idea of my work process, unfortunately I hit a snag with sending pictures on Friday, that I am not sure how to correct at this time. Hopefully I correct this issue by Monday and can continue to keep you updated with sneak peaks and behind the scene information about the creation of Get That Chicken.

That's about all for this week Look for more updates next week, maybe even some rough art from Meanwhile #1.

take care,

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