Saturday, June 6, 2009

Time Really Flies When You're Having Fun

Wow time has been flying for me lately. As I went around town today I had to restock my mini-comic (issue #9) at several locations. Then I realized while I stated the book was out I never let you know the locations the book can be found at or put up a cover image (below.) Well the book has been dropped off at the usual stores. Stalking Moon, Atomic Comics (Metro), Red Hot Robot and Drawn to Comics - however this time I added two more shops to my list Ash Avenue Comics and Atomic Comics (Mesa.) Please stop by an pick up a copy of Get That Chicken #9 at on of these fine locations.

This week I have been working hard to get ahead with the online strip. I am about one week up, but putting together the collection of issue #1-7 has really cut into some of my creative time. I now em 100% sure I made the right decision to start the strip over online. Those original issue are very hard to work with and have not aged well for photocopying purposed. With this said the collection will hopefully be done and for sale next weekend (I know this is what I said last week.) I should be stapling it together on Tuesday night.

Next I made a wonderful discovering in the literature world, Hamish MacDonald. While I have not read any of this gentleman's novels, it is his podcasts on creating a novel that I have found valuable. During the 4 episode that he has completed so far he discusses many of the issues and challenges I have faced as a mini/webcomic creator in the last year. However I feel the most important piece of information he has given me so far is how to do my own book binding. He has a PDF file called Quick'n'Dirty Book Binding that I used to make a sketchbook for myself, instead of purchasing one this week. The whole process takes about 3-5 hours I did my over 3 separate days, but you could easily complete a binding in one evening (except waiting for the glue to dry.) The fruit of my labor is picture below and I am pretty happy with it.

Finally, myself and the Meanwhile Collective Crew will be appearing at Samurai Comics' at 7th Street & Camelback on the 4th of July to celebrate independent comics. This will be my first in-store appearance since I started creating comics in 2007. More information will follow.

That's about all for this week, as you can see I have been very busy and making good use of my summer break.

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