Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cleaning the eMail Box Part 2

Trying to get all the info that I send to myself out to you. Some of it does not make the cut on second viewing some of it does. Here are some of the choice pieces.

First - Magcloud looks to be a great place for self published and small press magazines. I ordered Bra and Panties and Ikon Issue 6. I will follow up with a full review of the magazines when I received them. Plus info about shipping and the quality of the published materials.

Second - IS NOT MAGAZINE the idea behind this (is not) magazine is bonkers. I read about it in IDN magazine. I would love to create something like this for comics in the Tempe and Tucson areas of Arizona. Who knows!

Third - Designercon this show looked awesome. If there is a 2010 show, I would love to be there. I will have to wait for summer to check my funding situation, but if the money is there, so am I.

Well that's about it today, I'll be back later in the week with part 3 and hopefully the majority of my eMail Box will be cleaned. I have a ton of interview links to read still. Maybe I will post up a list of some of my favorite interviews (probably will have to wait for the summer, busy - busy - busy!)

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