Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cleaning the eMail Box Part 1

So my eMail Box is literally filled up with eMails that I send myself of cool stuff I've found on twitter, surfing the web, or someone suggests to me.

The first is Noise by Attk. It's a designer art book. While I didn't have the $150+ to purchase Noise 5, I was able to find Noise 4 on ebay for about $40. If you're a designer or interested in design work this book is awesome. Hopefully, I will be able to track down the other books once I'm a famous and well paid comic creator (hahaha!)

The Second is a cool comic lettering tutorial. While this is not the way I make my ballons. I still found it very interesting and informative.

The third is Joe Lambert who has been added to my Comic Peoples links. He has some crazy stuff going on, but I like it.

That's it, more mail later in the week as I get(make) time.

take care,


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