Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is Twitter Good For?

New Discoveries! Plan and Simple!!

First - A cool new webcomic, Gronk! by Katie Cook. It's a story of a monster who wasn't scary enough for the other monsters. Cute and Fun. My only disappointment was that the comic is in B&W, but the ads for it were in color.

Second - An awesome letter from John K to a young aspiring cartoonist made it's way onto the web. Pretty awesome stuff.

Third - Artist Christopher Uminga does some really awesome stuff. I was introduced to him through some super-hero drawing being shared on Twitter, but found that he also creates some really cool original art. I would love to see his "Kids That Like to Fight" drawings done as a comic strip.

As for me - I'm hard at work on a secret project, which should be revealed very soon. Plus, I'm working hard to keep my strip, Lollygaggin' Adventures updated (every Tuesday & Thursday). Over the next couple of weeks, I will be starting on a new Get That Chicken 5-6 pager, which will be in color for the first time. Oh and the GET THAT CHICKEN book is for sale, get it while the gettin' good!

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