Saturday, June 12, 2010

Here's What They're Saying About Me...

Since the Phoenix Comicon many nice things have been said about me and my work. I though I would take a second to highlight some of these nice comments.

It started with a couple quick shout outs in Comicon follow up posts by Glen Curren, and Sam Laggren

Then a tweet from Thomas Hall which stated, "Meant to ask you- does your art have a conscious graffiti influence? I see kind of Graffiti meets Berkley Breathed..." Yes! and thank you for the great comparison. I have always enjoyed graffiti and Bloom County is a personal favorite.

Madame M also mentioned my works similarities to graffiti in her blog post.

Also a quick reference in Eric M. Esquivel's Bleeding Cool column. (Including some color samples by me.)

Finally the great Henry Barajas did a fine review of my GET THAT CHICKEN book. He had the following to say about my book "This comic reminds me of the time when 'funny' was when the slingshot fires backwards and ground mail ships in seconds."

Now back to the grind and turning out even better work. Check Lollygaggin' Adventures ever Tuesday and Thursday to see what's happening.

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