Monday, October 6, 2014

My 24hour Comic

Hope you enjoyed the story. 

This year I created it out of order and designed it around some images that I had in my head. I though it would read a little crazy and I would need to do lots of edits, but the only panel I really had to add anything to is the first panel on the last page. Originally I was going for 16 pages, but ran out of time and energy, so page 15 was scraped and I had to add a balloon to help things flow from pages 14 to 15. 

Again big thanx to Jesse James Comics for letting us work there all night and big ups to my comic making pals - Damon Begay, Birdie Birdashaw and Eric Mengel. I cannot wait to read your stories. (Actually you can read Birdie's story right here.)

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