Sunday, January 31, 2016

Just When

Just when I thought I was gonna have an easy week. Well it started off as an easy week.

- -- Space Mummy t-shirts anyone? Spend most of my Sunday working on Space Monstas stuff, which is the plan for the year. Did some layouts and polished up pages 1 & 2 for a test print to a make sure the lettering was the right size. Everything looks good. I will be sharing them as a teaser soon.
- -- Working on Cousin Harold 10. Started doing the daily strips which will start running in late March. I’m usually able to complete 4-6 strips a week. I hope to have this issue done early summer, but this issue is 32 pages so who knows. The last 32 page story took me 5 months, which is why I went to shorter stories.
- -- This week we are also wrapping up the 4th volume of the Comics Never Stop paper. Strips were due on Saturday and they are looking AWESOME! The paper is almost done, I just have a couple I's to dot and T's to cross. Sorry no sneak peek pictures here.

- -- And in the middle of this all I was packing up the last packages for my 2015 Subscription Kickstarter and decided to design my 2016 Subscription Kickstarter. I plan on launching it February 5th. 
- -- Comic of the week is Yo-Kai Watch manga. I’m a big fan of the Coro Coro monthly manga from Japan but so few of these kid manga are translated into English. So Yo-Kai Watch is the one that is being translated right now. It’s fun to see how they structure their stories. So much Energy!

- -- Have a great week,  - denny!

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