Sunday, January 24, 2016

Making Comics

There is a reason my family always joked with the phrase "Comics Never Stop" just take a look at all the stuff I have been working on this week.

- -- Started the week off working on a little more of the Space Monstas comics. I’m really happy with the way things are progressing. Hope to have the first story done and available this summer in an Ashcan form. I have some special plans for that ashcan to make it different than the other minis I have created. The plan is to print the actual Space Monstas comic on newsprint by the end of the year, probably in October.
- -- Toys have taken over my life, I keep putting aside comic work to make toys. This has to change soon or I will not have any comics coming out.
As for the toy progress, it’s going slow and very frustrating. I have heard for ages that it’s a tough process, but I look and say “If that guy can do it, so can I.” At this point I have started to make samples of the Cousin Harold toys. Nothing that I feel is sellable, but I’m getting closer. I worry a little about the amount of money it might take to make sellable toys. I don’t want to spend too much of money learning, but that might be what it takes.
- -- Cousin Harold 10 is almost fully plotted. I have enough of the story to start the actual writing. This story will be written in parts 2-6 pages at a time. I like to have the beginning, middle and end before I start. Once I have the pieces I can start writing around them. Usually this is the point where a character will surprise me and take on a life of its own.
On Saturday I had a good writing session and finished layouts for the first 4 pages of this story. I will be writing this story in chunks. I usually plot my longer stories and write them scene by scene. This way I keep everything fresh.

- -- On Wednesday Cousin Harold 9 arrived from the printers. Looks like I will be spending my free time this weekend folding, stapling and trimming some books. This is really my favorite part of making comics, I love assembling the books! (I guess, I might have to put the toys a side this weekend.)
- -- I’m also finalizing advertisers for the 4th volume of the Comics Never Stop newspaper. If you are interested, we are looking for a couple advertisers for the 5th volume. Check the Comics Never Stop site for more information. Strips are due next Saturday from everyone. This is looking to be out best volume yet.
- -- Comic of the week is Pencil Head by Ted Mckeever. Ted is one of my favorite artist. I have been reading him since I was a teen. Love his work. This books looks into his experiences working in the comics industry. I cannot wait for the next issue!

- -- Have a great week,  - denny!

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