Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lots Happening

Lots of Stuff happening. It has been a busy week!

- --Monday started off with several phone calls regarding the Comic Never Stop newspaper. Seems I have found a good partner to help me with the paper in Albert Morales. Monday we planned out volume 5 (May/June) and Volume 6 (July/August). Volume 6 will be a special SDCC edition that will be given out at SDCC in the Gaslamp District as well as the normal drop offs in Arizona. The plan is to make this volume 12 pages. I thought that we would have trouble finding ads, but by week's end we had 6 ads lined up for this special edition, thanks to Albert. Also a shout out to John Derek West (who I call Dadicus) for his help in finding new contributing artist for the newspaper. Very excited about the future of the paper. Things are looking AMAZING!
- --Did some Cousin Harold strips during the week, still not producing 5 strips a week because of other projects going on. Also completed layouts for the next 3 pages of the Space Monstas story. I should be free to work on both of these project regularly next weekend.
- --So what is getting in the way of these projects, well charity. I have been asked to contribute a 2 page full color Cousin Harold story to a charity anthology that is being published by a local business. I'm really excited about this project. Not sure if I'm allowed to say what business is putting out this book yet, but I can give you a hint I have been shopping with this local business since I was a teen (it's not a comic shop). The location I originally shopped at was on 19th Ave. & Thunderbird (which is no longer there).
After hours of wracking my brain working on the story for this charity comic, I scrapped all of my work and wrote a much better story in about 20 minutes. When it is not coming smoothly I know I'm going the wrong way. Above is the 2 page script/layouts for the story. I'm doing very little in the way of drawing in my layouts these days, just a couple scribbles here and there.

At this point I have only 3 panels to finish for the charity story. Then I can get back to my regular work schedule.
- --The above picture compares my table at a Castle-N;Coasters event 4 years ago and my table at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con last weekend. That is one heck of a lot of books produced in 4 years. A side note, note all of my books fit on the table these days, so the Amazing table set up was missing about 4 books (of which the 2 trades on the table from CNC are a part of). Really proud of myself.
- --The book of the week is Starve #6. I'm a big fan of this series. Love the storytelling and how the whole story is playing out. If I had to recommended an issue to start with it would be #2 or just buy the first trade.

- --Hope you are all enjoying these newsletters, they were inspired by the newsletters that I received from Warren Ellis. At first I did not think I would have enough to talk about, but apparently I do a lot of work each week.

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